Sump Pump Backup System

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Zoeller's Home Guard Max is a high capacity; high efficiency water powered backup system. With no electricity or batteries required, the Home Guard Max takes over seamlessly when your primary sump system fails. Its small footprint allows for installation in even the smallest sump pits. With superior performance and discharge capacity, it uses less water and costs less to operate. The Home Guard Max, installed as a backup system, does not use any water until the primary system malfunctions, or there is a power failure. Water flow is equivalent to a normal faucet and is required only when the Home Guard Max is operating. Not intended for use as a primary water removal unit.

Egress window Installation Duluth MN

Battery powered backup sump pump system
The Hydromatic® FG-100A battery operated back-up sump pump is designed to back up primary residential sump pumps in case of pump or power failure. A must for those installations where an inoperative sump pump cannot be tolerated. Separate float switch and built-in alarm automatically start back-up system and activates warning buzzer to protect against high water damage and warn of primary pump failure.

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Sump Pump Backup

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