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There are many reasons why basements leak. We have found the vast majority of them have been damaged from frost or dense heavy soils. These damaged areas create a week point for water to come through. We also find many basements have poor drainage, allowing the water to rest against the wall. Many basements have no exterior drain tile or old damaged drain tile that was most likely improperly installed. Although these are only a few of the reasons basements leak, it comes down to how the basement was originally installed and what was done to protect it.

Before we get started...
Before we get started we remove any obstructions from around your home that may interfere with the excavation process. In some cases this means temporarily removing large decks or extensive landscaping. Our hard working labors can also excavate under most porches and decks leaving them intact. We have many years of experience in this department and you can rest assured that your deck or landscaping will be reinstalled just as it was or better than when we started. Our operators have plenty of experience working in tight areas, insuring your home and the things surrounding it are in good hands.

Basement Waterproofing Expets in action Duluth MN
Once the area is free from obstructions we begin to remove the dirt from against your foundation wall. One of the many things that set us apart from the competition is that we haul away 90% of the native soil and replace it with clean granular sand. After the wall is exposed, it is thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer and then dried.

We then do a close visual inspection for any additional damage. After the wall is clean, dry and inspected we apply a primer coat to insure optimal adhesion of the waterproofing membrane. The primer is then allowed time to set.The next step is to install the water proofing membrane. We use Mel-Rol, a high quality material made by W.R. Meadows. For extra protection we cover all of the seams with pointing mastic to insure no water or dirt can get behind the membrane. In some cases a termination strip is used at the top of the waterproofing membrane. Styrofoam is then installed to protect the membrane and give your home additional insulation. After your wall has been sealed and insulated we install 4” drain tile with a geo sock next to the footing.

Basement Waterproofing in progress Duluth MN
Why is this the best method of basement waterproofing?
We only offer one way to water proof a basement. This method is proven and is not a temporary fix. With this system installed any amount of water will be easily handled and kept out of your basement.

 Once water has made its way through your foundation it can cause many problems. just because a certain system is installed inside your basement keeping your basement floor dry the water can still create worse problems, like mold growth or structural damage to your foundation. In the case of a block foundation the cores inside the block can fill with water and deteriorate the block or sometimes even freeze causing major foundation failure. By stopping the water from the outside there is no chance of having these problems. Also letting water into your basement over time can allow easier paths for the water to get through the wall, increasing the water flow in to your home. The dirt used to originally back fill your foundation can also do extensive damage which can also create areas for water to enter. In northern Minnesota there are many areas especially in the twin ports with very dense heavy clays. These types of native soils used to back fill your foundation, holds water and put enormous amounts of pressure against your foundation. In these conditions your foundation wall will most likely fail over time. This is another reason we remove 90% of the original back fill and replace it with granular sand this keeps pressure on the wall to a minimum and water flowing to your drain tile and away from your foundation.

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